Recently I visited Jazoon, an international conference for Java developers at Zurich, Switzerland.

Having heard a lot of interesting talks, I want to sum up my impressions and try to figure out some of the latest trends in the world of Java as well as interesting facts for software architects.

This is part 2 of my series of blog posts and deals with

Google Web Toolkit

I visited two talks about the GWT.

As you probably know, Google Web Toolkit follows the idea that the presentation layer of a web application can be entirely written in plain Java.
Mainly, the GWT is a compiler that compiles your Java code into highly optimized JavaScript, that is executed on the client side.

But this conecept also has some drawbacks. Since JavaScript does not support the full functionality of the Java runtime, you are limited to the features that are supported by both Java and JavaScript. So for instance, there is no threading possible.

A fact that I found amusing is that you can’t use the “View page source” command of your browser. It shows just nothing, since your whole page is assembled dynamically via JavaScript. Funny, but not the most performant solution if you have large pages with nested elements.

Dmitry Buzdin, a software architect from a Latvian outsourcing company, depicted the experiences they have made with GWT in a real-world project.
In general, his conclusion was positive. Although GWT forces some re-thinking and a different aproach than using Struts or similar web technologies, it is easy to use and integrates well with other widely used frameworks such as Hibernate. He said they found no major bugs in the framework and therefore recommend it for production use.

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