Recently I visited Jazoon, an international conference for Java developers at Zurich, Switzerland.

Having heard a lot of interesting talks, I want to sum up my impressions and try to figure out some of the latest trends in the world of Java as well as interesting facts for software architects.

This is part 1 of my series of blog posts and deals with


This keynote was presented by Martin Odersky, a professor at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. Maybe you have already heard of him. He is about to develop a programming language that could be the successor of Java: Scala.

Motivated by the fact that neither C++ nor Java do scale to your needs very well (Java is difficult to scale up and C++ is so powerful that it is overboost for many projects), the concept of Scala focuses on scalability. That means that you can use just as much of the features of the language as you need to fulfill your requirements. E.g. if you have a scientific application, it is very likely that you need something like a datatype for complex numbers, whereas when developing a commercial application you would rather need a BigDecimal type.

Martin introduced some other features of his language. One of them is the type inference, which makes programming more comfortable and dynamic. Moreover, Scala syntax contains some “tweaks” in order to make writing code more convenient. I couldn’t believe it at first, but if you omit a semicolon in your code, Scala inserts it for you! To sum up, with Scala you can do more with less code.

However, the code samples presented tended to look like some kind of spaghetti code, at least for my eyes that are used to see clean Java code ;)
From my actual point of view, these features like type inference and others complicate reading and understanding the code, because there is much dynamic.
But I’m sure Scala will make its way, since the Java language is quite old and some fresh ideas won’t be a bad idea.

Jazoon 08 (Java Conference in Zurich) - Google Android
Jazoon 08 (Java Conference in Zurich) - Ajax Push
Jazoon 08 (Java Conference in Zurich) - Google Web Toolkit
Twitter Scalability and Stability - My First Impressions

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