Recently I inserted about 200 rows into a MySQL table using Hibernate.

However, my application had an error because of missing data and I explored the database in order to find the problem.

In general, SQuirreL is a good tool to do this and I like using it, but this time it made me crazy.

I opened the corresponding table, but there were only 100 rows of data! So I assumed a bug in Hibernate or my application and searched for hours. But found nothing.

Finally I figured out that SQuirreL only displays the top 100 rows of each table in the Objects view. The other rows had always been there, but I was not able to see them.

To list all rows, you have to switch to the SQL view and enter a SELECT statement by hand. Before executing the statement, make sure that the checkbox for the row limit at the upper right corner is disabled.

In conclusion, let’s note:

By default, SQuirreL only displays 100 rows per table.

P.S.: I’m not sure wether there is a setting to change this behavior. Does anyone know?

“Shiny Table” Effect with Gimp

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