When designing or coding a website, there is an easy method for including favicons next to the links. You cannot assume that a favicon is always at /favicon.ico of the URL, as there are different ways to specify which favicon a browser should display!

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Using Ruby On Rails and the find method with conditions, it is also to possible to use the LIKE statement of SQL without having to escape variables or using raw SQL:

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Today I want to introduce my new project Cloud42, an Open Source management framework for Cloud Computing with Amazon EC2.
This is not intended to be a dumb advertisement. Instead, the main cause for this post here is that Cloud42 is very interesting for developers and therefore can be of value for you, too.

Cloud42 is a web application written in Java. It provides both a AJAX-enabled GUI and an extensive Web service interface, allowing you to invoke its functionalities from your own application or from within BPEL processes.

Besides the basic functionalities like starting, stopping and monitoring EC2 AMI instances, Cloud42 offers some enhanced functions like transferring files and bundling new AMIs. Furthermore, it is possible to control your instances remotely by sending arbitrary commands through the Web service interface (or by using the GUI). A notification mechanism following the publish/subscribe pattern allows you to subscribe any endpoint to events that occur on an AMI instance.

This sounds interesting? Then visit the website at cloud42.net!
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While YouTube has an API to get thumbnails of its videos, there is also the possibility to construct the URLs of the thumbnails out of the URL of the video.

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If you are getting the following exception on a migration on Darwin / OS X:

SQLite3::SQLException: near "ADD": syntax error: ALTER TABLE "xxx" ADD "yyy" varchar(255)

then you can try the following:

  1. sudo gem uninstall sqlite3-ruby
  2. Install the latest sqlite3 from sources from sqlite.org
  3. sudo gem install sqlite3-ruby