We are three software developers who do a lot of coding in different languages, ranging from Perl to Java, and we want to share our experience by blogging specific code examples as well as general concepts.

Our team members are:

Frank Bitzer

Frank holds a masters degree (Diplom-Informatiker) in computer science from the University of Stuttgart, Germany.
His expertise concentrates on two main fields. The first area of interest are mobile devices, in particular Pocket PC’s and Smartphones running on Microsoft Windows CE. In this section, Frank has many years of experience in designing and implementing applications for the .NET Compact Framework using VB.NET and C# and the Microsoft SQL Server CE database system.

In 2005, he founded his company just works! Software which is specialized in developing mobile applications. Furthermore, he hosts pda-dev.de, the largest German-speaking community for PDA programmers.

Second, Frank is currently engaged in several projects that deal with web applications in Java and its state-of-the-art frameworks and technologies Hibernate, Java Server Faces, Facelets and JBoss Seam and the build system Maven. In this area, his main interests are general design patterns, architectural questions and integration problems. Having worked for a etablished Swiss company in this sector, he gained lots of experiences.

Apart from work, Frank likes meeting his friends, going to the gym and racing RC cars.

Markus Götz

Markus graduated 2008 in Software Engineering at Stuttgart University.

He started software development at young age with QBasic, then mainly with Pascal Delphi. Currently mainly enganged in programming in Java, his skills also reach from C to Perl to Python. His main project besides university is p300, a file sharing application.

In his non-computer life, he is mainly interested into movies, sports and animals.

His website can be found on http://guruz.de

Sebastian Breier

Sebastian is also a student in the final semester of Software Engineering at Stuttgart University.

His coding interests lie primarily in the “application software” area: Databases, Software Architecture, Software Engineering, Web Applications. He has been writing code for about 15 years now and is employed (part-time) by a small software shop in the Stuttgart region. The languages he used range from QBasic, Pascal and Delphi, over Perl and Python, to Java.

He’s an open-source fan, chiefly running Linux on his machines. Activity in the open-source world resides mostly in the Ubuntu project. Always intrigued by politics, he loves to talk about topics ranging from licensing over copyright to philosophy (in software and otherwise).

When not coding, he likes to catch a movie or two, is an avid follower of TV series, or just browsing the web. Offline activities include the gym, friends & girlfriend, walking and music.

In his spare time, he’s sometimes working for Markus Götz’ p300 project.

His website can be found on http://tomcat.ranta.info