Lately, I have started becoming more and more interested in job interviews. Part of that might be because I’m in the finishing run of my diploma thesis, and so I’ll likely start my first real job the next months.

NOOP.NL has an article on the perfect job interview question. A question that can single-handedly decide the fate of an interviewee (at least at the linked shop ;)).

The question: When reviewing somebody else’s code, what is it that you usually find most disturbing?
Some people will rant about a programming style guide, but few will mention the architecture.

I found the reasoning behind it all the more interesting. The thing is, while architecture is obviously a pet field I love to be in, I think I wouldn’t have given it as answer to the “perfect question”: In most situations, you can’t even determine the system architecture from just looking at one person’s code.

Maybe the question is just short on details. The question is interesting, the answer to why it is important is kinda non-negotiable, but the process of weeding people out solely because of their answer to this is… well… questionable.