I sometimes get this error in the J2EE (or JEE) module settings in the project options when changing modules. The settings will not even show what modules are chosen.

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If Eclipse complains that it cannot start JBoss (”Timeout waiting for JBOSS 5.0 to start. Server did not start after 50s.”) then try to set the timeout to a higher value. It can be done in the options:

Windows -> Preferences -> Server -> Server timeout delay

There are a lot of tips and hints out there on the internet, which describe how you could add support for Java Server Faces and Facelets to the Eclipse environment.
Mostly, they deal with adding code completion for JSF/Facelets tags and so on. There are some possibilities to achieve this, ranging from creating TLD files to using the JSP editor in Eclipse for the XHTML code of the Facelets pages.

But the “trick” I prefer is much more simple :D

You want to see it? Well, just download and install the JBoss Tools and you have it all!

You are wondering why your JUnit tests run very fine when you launch them using Eclipse, whereas they all break down when building your project with a build system like Ant or Maven?

Well, thats probably because you are using assert statements and Eclipse per default is not configured to evaluate them.

To solve this problem, simpy go to Run -> Run… -> Arguments, and in the box labeled VM arguments:, enter either -enableassertions or just -ea.

That’s it!