Well, the following post does not cover a typical programming topic, but maybe even as a software engineer you might have to deal with (web) design from time to time. At least I did when developing a new website for a customer (http://heilmann-software.de).

While creating shiny and glossy effects seems to be a trivial task for the experts using Photoshop, I tried a lot until I got some good results with Gimp, the Open Source image editor.

My goal was to develop a “shiny table” effect from a screenshot that was rotated into the view. Below you can see an example (of the result, of course ;))

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I’m really disappointed about how stupid web forms are sometimes. Consider this:

  • A captcha that has as a side-note: “Please do not enter whitespace characters“.
    • Why can’t the website just filter the whitespace?
  • A edit field for a URL that has as a side-note: “Please also enter the http://“.
    • Why can’t the website just add the http:// when it is missing?!
  • A submit button with side-note “Please hit submit only once“.
    • Most websites don’t have this anymore, they disable the Submit button with Javascript. Thank you :)
  • A edit field for a phone number that insists on a specific number format.
    • Does the number format matter in any way except for the +Countrycode at the beginning? Why not just filter everything except numbers?

All of these mentioned are even happening on very big sites who should have the people who know better. Are there any reasons except annoying me?

Does anyone have more examples? Please comment :)

(Translated from the blog of guruz)

Update: Blogoscoped has another posting about forms in websites.